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I am running for the District 3 Board of Supervisors to give voters of the cities of Fairfield and Suisun City a voice on the Board of Supervisors.  A field of career and current elected officials who are often beholden to special interest groups and have often proven to not vote in our interest first.

I on the other hand am obligated only to the citizens, the communities, and the rural areas of this District.

I live in Fairfield now and as a child, I saw a great community that grew and as it did, I felt we had the best of everything, it offered so many things, it was racially diverse and provided a safe community for our family. As a young adult, I worked in Law Enforcement, raised a family, coached youth baseball in Suisun and Fairfield. I have owned homes and businesses in both cities watched both cities struggle and their downtowns collapse. I see how both allowed the homeless and crime problems to grow without a solution or without a plan to fight them for far too long. Each city has moved the core of its downtowns away to the outer edges of the communities. They gave annexed lands to push to extend their limits and are awaiting what they hope to be the sunsetting of the County's Orderly Growth Ordinance, allowing them to expand into the lands set aside for Ag and open space.

I am running against candidates who have been politicians for years and if this issue had been resolved would surely love to take credit but are not standing up to accept the blame for the conditions that their communities are in today!

2022 is a time to find fresh solutions, current ideas. I am asking you for your support and vote so we can begin to bring back citizen control of our local governments. 

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Joseph Joyce for Solano County Supervisor
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